Tomas Gursky, PhD, graduated in psychology at The Comenius University in Bratislava in 1982. Currently he works as a private sport psychologist in his own consulting centre called TOP-FIT. Tomas competed in alpine skiing, was member of Junior National Ski Team and Academic Ski Team Czechoslovakia (1976-82). His professional course started as a coach assistant and psychologist for The National Ski Team of Czechoslovakia (1982-1989) and school psychologist at The Sport Gymnasium in Bratislava. Tomas has worked with elite athletes in more than 40 sport disciplines and collaborated with teams preparing themselves for the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 (wild water canoe and judo) and Beijing 2008 (shooting). He provides seminars and lectures for coaches, sport-related persons and provides consulting services and mental training for athletes.

Tomas teaches the subject of sport psychology at The Comenius University Bratislava. He wrote "Textbook of sport psychology for coaches" and about 50 articles about sport psychology, making this field more popular to the public. He is a chairman of the Society of Sport Psychology in Slovakia and member of the FAST (Forum for Applied Sport Psychologists in Top-Sport), networking fieldwork sport psychologists within Europe.